Monday, January 3, 2011

January 4th WHAT?!

Happy new years oh you readers of mine. Did ya miss me, because I sure as sugar missed you. It`s a cold January mid afternoon, and my finger tips are numbing as I type so I`m going to keep this quick. Christmas here in Japan came and went with a blur. Many celebrations – too many to tell the truth, every organization has a what`s called a bonenkai (end of year party). With the Susaki Broken English Club, Taiko, my school, and my family of friends all in need of substantial celebratory festivities I am finally well and partied out.

Rather than post an incredibly long blog post about all that has happened this holiday season I will be posting several photo journal (can you tell someone recently got a new SLR Nikon toy?). They will be the best of the best of photos from Christmas Feast Kochi, and a three part instillation of Andrew and Ashley`s trip round Japan. There will captions and links to flicker where all of the photos of my holiday season will be eventually up for your public viewing pleasure.

Typically I would be writing an over worded post about all the joys in my life. The illustrious ways the light roles off the mountains in Japan, the deepening bonds with now dear friends (both far flung and more tangible here in Kochi), and the constant adventure of living abroad, but to be honest . . . I want to see if my pictures (once I figure out how to upload them off the new camera) will do the trick. So until then, unquestioning love to everyone back home, and be warned though it will be extremely late there is a holiday themed card/ letter/ flyer thing on its way. Upon returning to my apartment Christmas night I was horrified to see a huge stack all my Christmas cards and letters rubber banded together because I had put them in the wrong sized envelope for international mailings. . . PHOTOS TO COME!

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