Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Fest 2.0

My, oh my it’s been quite a time since we last talked. It’s a fairly standard Monday night, and I’m still trying to catch up on sleep from a lengthy and late chat with the fam. This weekend was the second weekend in a row of huge dinner parties and frisbee playing (greatly enhanced by our current warm spell here in Kochi).

All my life I’ve been a winter person. Words like humidity, heat, summer, and sweat were always enough to send this guy cowering to shaded corners and the air-conditioned spaces. Yet here in Kochi, cold seems more inescapable than it ever felt in the states. Most notably missed is the snow! Winter without snow is like Snickers without caramel and peanuts. That being said I’ve pulled out of the slump I had slouched my way into for about two weeks there. Thanks to those who suffered through my complaints of snowballing doubts about my future plans or lack there of. Work is still almost intolerably slow. I only teach one class this week because of high school entrance exams. Time to face the boredom dragon once more, this time I’m ready. RIGHT! on to specifics of my weekend, and food and plant pictures! YES!

Right, so this weekend’s food fest was a Chinese New Year’s dinner extravaganza held at Steven’s home. Steven is one of the 4 P.A.s (prefectural advisor). It was quite the orgy of starches. Noodles, green onion pancakes, more noodles, dumplings, wontons, more noodles, shark fin soup (with noodles!), and a whole fish! The biggest surprise of the night were these delicious hardboiled eggs (I believe they are called tea eggs).

GOD THEY WERE DELICIOUS, and they look like something straight out of Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom ( you know the feast part in the palace with the chilled monkey brains and eyeball soup). Speaking of eyeballs, I ate a fish eye, it was quite creamy and rich, and while I am not going to order eyeball soup any time soon it was a good experience over all.

Post feasting we all played a rousing game of pictionary as well as every summer camp game I can think of. It was fantastic (made me really miss the Kingsley Pines crowd and those legendary white sands on Panther Pond)!

I was going to include the fabled mini garden in this blog post, but in all honesty it’s 11:30 and I am fading fast. Love to all. Thanks to crew from this weekend for a fantastic dinner and day.

More to come!

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