Friday, March 11, 2011


I had another post ready and written, but it seems rather unsubstantial right now.
A massive 8.9 earthquake struck off the coast of northern Japan yesterday at 2. It sent a 10 meter high tsunami rolling towards coastal cities carrying away cars, homes, and lives. I am fine! Kochi has been on tsunami watch since yesterday. I live on some of the highest ground in my city, and it is also a major evacuation sight for the city. The photos and video being streamed are otherworldly. Destruction on a scale I have trouble comprehending. Your thoughts and hopes need to up north where the damage was so terrible. Japan is perhaps the most prepared country in the world to deal with a quake of this magnitude. This country’s response to this disaster has deeply impressed me, and my JET community in Kochi’s response, support, and constant contact with each other reminds me of how lucky I am to live with such a great adopted family. As I spent the night telling my friends all over Japan, stay warm, stay safe, and stay connected all my love.

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  1. Andrew, I have been thinking about you and am relieved to know that you are safe and sound.