Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gomen nasai

I am officially the worst Blogger ever. It has been over a month now, and I don't currently have time to write in detail of all the adventures I've been having, so a list and a photo link will have to sufice for now.

Reasons for my business:
1. I am now one of four Kochi Prefectural Advisors (advisors, counselors, and event planners for the JETs in Kochi Prefecture)
2. It is now exam season at Susaki High School so I have been giving interview tests, and am waist deep into writing the writen exams.
3. As a P.A. I must help plan the Kochi Orientation for new JETs arriving in August.
4. I am also a member of the Tokyo Orientation Staff for this years frist wave of new JETs, so I get to go greet them and the air port and help them adjust to the imediatness of their new (hopefully kickass) lives in Japan.
5. Goodbye parties for dear friends returning to their respective homes have been happening.
6. I am plotting a trip back to the states for myself in 25 days.
7. Frisbee tournaments
8. Canada`s birthday
9. I still try to cook and run as much as possible.
10. Rainy season came and went in Japan (thank the great wind and sun gods it has gone).

Here is the Flickr link:
(maybe the photos will do a better job of catching you up than my time seems to allow me to). I will do better in the months to come, I hope. I am endlessly happy and healthy (luckily), and hope your are all graced with the same joys.

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