Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Real, Good Guy

It's my pappa's birthday! I have been sitting and writing and rewriting ways to say that in a more eligant fassion, but they all fall short. After many MANY years of writing cards to my father, cards meant to induce pleasant memories or conjure up all the admiration I have for him, I have given up on words. . . well . . . that's a lie. I wouldn't be writting this for you if that statement were true.


It seems all too fitting that your birthday falls on a day dedicated to expressing love. I think you're an overflowing well of love. You and Mom are the best example of that I can imagine. You give and give, and in all of this giving you've taught me so much. I strive to craft myself in your image, and model myself on your creativity, rationality, and heart. I can't tell you how excited I am that you are comming to see my world here in Japan in April.

In two very simple, and slightly juvinile, words: YOU ROCK!

I hope you have absolutely the happiest of happy birthdays. We'll celebrate in earnest when you fly into Nara in April.

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