Monday, March 5, 2012

Ramblings and shamblings

I have, once again, been a terrible  blogger, or rather a multi focused one. The ceramics blog I started has been getting its biweekly attention, and the reviews have been nothing but stellar thus far. However, with the ceramics in full swing I all too often forget about the happenings of my life that the few readers of this web space might be interested in.

The long and short of it is that for the past two or three weeks I have been a bit of a home body. Trying to focus intensly on health for several weeks, and then last week came along and hit the reset button. Last week was Graduation and exams to close out the Japanese school year. This meant longer hours at school, less time in the pottery studio, big work dinner parties, drinking with my principal (that guy is crazy!), and generally not having time to fit work outs into my day to day life. This has resulted in me feeling rather akin to a hippo on this slightly gloomy monday mid morning.

I'm not sure I have ever really talked about it much on this blog, but I have been battling with health and fitness since my days at Hamilton Jr. High. Things came to a head my junior year of college when I weighed in at a massive 295 pounds. With a bit of motivation, more attention to portion and food choice, and daily hard work outs I dropped down to about 250 by the end of my senior year. Then for about a year I played the up and down game between 240 and 260 while applying to the JET Program, but once I hit Japan the appearant lack of as many frankenfoods (seriously I buy almost ZERO preprepared things here. All fresh ingredients when I can) helped kick the fittness game into a new high. I currently float at about 220 or 215. This is great, and I have held there for my year and six months in Japan, but I am at the stage in my fittness goals where little week long vacations into indulgence set me back a months worth of working and being "on the plan". As a very goal oriented person those little back slides cause me considderable frustration, and last week was sure one of them. So it's back to the gym this week (I hope).

Yesterday was a rainy day as well, and I took some time to prep some new recycled beer can seed starters, and filled them with nastershum seeds, my spinach has beyond sprouted and seems healthy thus far, and even better is the continual flourishing of my 5 mini kale plants. I never get enough for a full meal, but I can harvest of good handfull and mix it in with spinach or other greens from the farmer's market any time. Let me tell you, the farmer's market and I are fasts friends now. All local, all in season, and all CHEAP! Look at all that fruit and veg for only about $25.

Get them veggies in ya!

More to come

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  1. Wow, that's one lovely pile of veggies, especially the ginger root!! Do they grow vegetable organically in Japan? We are at peak harvest season her; the farmer's market is packed with lovely dead ripe veggies & fruit. I wish it would stay forever and I'm dreading winter.

    You're looking very grown up these days. Thanks for posting, I love reading about your life.